New Post Master

The New Posting Master function is also accessible from Reservations>Blocks>Business Block>Edit>Resv.> Group Options>New Post Master. A posting master reservation is required for any normal group reservation which requires a group profile.

Note: Multiple posting masters are only for blocks and not for component groups.

The posting master reservation is created upon creation and entering of the rooming list and contains default values for virtually all fields on the Reservation screen. All individual guest reservations for the room block inherit these default values from the posting master reservation. If there are group billing requirements, you will need to check in the posting master reservation into a room (normally into a room number which belongs to a posting master room type). Then, route the billing from the group members to the group’s posting master reservation. For this reason, the posting master reservation is referred to as a posting master or pay master.

Note: Any routing instructions require a posting master reservation. Otherwise, a posting master reservation is not required and may be deleted or canceled.

Creating a New Posting Master

Creating a new posting master is useful when you have a block for which various charges are to be paid for by the group, rather than all charges to be paid by the attendees. After you have selected this group option, OPERA automatically creates a posting master reservation, using the Group Name as the name of the reservation with a room type for posting master.

To create a posting master reservation for a room block, select Reservations>Blocks>Business Block>Edit>Resv>Group Options>New Post Master. OPERA displays the message You are about to create an additional PM reservation. Do you want to continue? Yes/No. Selecting Yes creates a new posting master reservation with the status of Reserved. Select Edit to display the Reservation screen. Complete the fields for the posting master reservation, remembering it is an individual reservation containing group attributes for a pseudo room type, usually PM. When the OPERA dialog box appears to confirm the posting master reservation, note the confirmation number and select OK.

OPERA will also automatically create a posting master for your group once a new business block has been entered with a Definite status and the user can begin entering reservations once the Resv. button is selected. It should be noted that Deposit/Cancellation rules should not be applied directly to a posting master reservation as new reservations created from the PM reservation will not inherit the Deposit/Cancellation rule due to the very specific attributes for reservations (i.e., rate codes, reservation types, due dates, number of guests, arrival dates, rate amounts, etc.). It is for this reason that you are not prompted to copy to other reservations of the group a deposit/cancellation rule applied to a PM reservation. Should you wish to have a Deposit/Cancellation rule apply to all members of the group, there are alternative approaches to achieve this result. The first example would be to use a rate code for the group which has an associated Deposit/Cancellation rule defined for it within the Rule Schedule. A second option would be to directly define a Deposit/Cancellation rule to the block code. Therefore any reservation made with the block code will inherit the deposit/cancellation rule defined.

Creating an Additional Posting Master Reservation

When a group wants to pick up selected charges for its guests, additional posting masters may be created in order to separate out the charges. For example, one posting master would have all the room and tax charges, and another posting master may have all the telephone charges routed to it. When you do so, OPERA automatically creates a copy of the posting master reservation.

Note: You only create an additional posting master reservation for normal group reservations – never for Standard Group reservations.

When you select this group option, OPERA displays the message You are about to create an additional PM reservation. Do you want to continue? Yes/No. Selecting Yes generates a new posting master reservation with a new confirmation number and automatically links this reservation to the group.

To create an additional posting master reservation for a group, select Reservations>Blocks>Business Block. Then, find and highlight the block. Select the Edit button. Here, select the Group Options button to bring up the Group Options dialog box where you will find the New Posting Master option

The Group Options screen for the new posting master reservation is automatically populated with attributes inherited from the original block header. Complete all fields and select OK to save the new posting master reservation.