OXI Resync for OPMS

This feature allows for the synchronization of one record to one or more OXI interfaces without having to exit PMS and then access OXI. These modules are Reservation Options, Business Block Reservations, Profile Options, Package Codes Configuration, and the Rate Header tab screens.

Note: The Resync button is visible when the application setting Profiles>Resync Profile Types specifies the type of profiles that can be resynced. See RESYNC PROFILE TYPES for further details.

Resync a Single Record to OXI

Select the Resync button to display the Interface IDs screen.

Note: This screen will by default only show active OXI Interfaces for the current property where the associated Business Event is subscribed for the current module where the Resync button was selected.


Allotment: Business Event - BLOCK>UPDATE BLOCK HEADER

Rate: Business: Business Event - RATE>UPDATE RATE HEADER

Profile: Business Event - PROFILE>UPDATE PROFILE

Package: Business Event - RATE>UPDATE PRODUCT

Select the appropriate OXI Interface (or multiple interfaces if you so choose), mark each with an X in the X column, then select the OK button. Once the record has been synchronized with the OXI Interface(s) the following message will display:



Interface ID. Displays the name of the OXI Interface active for the current property.

X. An X in this field denotes that the interface displayed has been selected for resynchronization.

Button Functions

Search. Select the Search button to reveal an OXI Interface that is active for the current property. Please note that by default all active interfaces for the current property will display when this screen appears.

All. Use this button to select all displayed interfaces at once.

None. Use this button to un-select all selected interfaces at once.

Ok. Use this button to synchronize the current record with the selected OXI Interface(s).

Close. Select Close to exit this screen without synchronizing the current record.

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