Group.  Cashiering

Type.  Setting





Description. Permanent Folio Storage will refer to this setting to determine and assign a file name for the folio. Available values can be concatenated to each other to form a format string.


Property Determination. This application setting gives the property the ability to assign the PDF file name to the folio. Once configured, this file name will be assigned to the folio when it gets created. Also, once the file name is configured, it will only be used on folios created from that point on. Older folios will maintain the file name that was used when they were created.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

<FISCAL_TYPE> - Folio Type

<FISCAL_BILL_NO> - Fiscal Bill Number

<BILL_NO> - Bill Number

<REVISION_NO> - Folio Revision Number

<BILL_GENERATION_DAY> - Bill Generation Day

<BILL_GENERATION_YEAR> - Bill Generation Year

<BILL_GENERATION_MONTH> - Bill Generation Month

<FOLIO_VIEW> - Billing Window

<NAME_TAX_TYPE> - Tax Type<QUEUE_NAME> - Queue Name

Only one value can be selected at a time, but more than one value can be added as the filename in any order that you desire. This is completed by displaying the list of values, selecting one, clicking OK, displaying the list of values again, selecting another value, clicking OK, and so on.

Note: Specific values in the LOV are dependent on other application settings being active and may be available only for specific country modes.

For Example

Folio Type is available any time the Folio Print Tasks can be configured, such as Credit Bill or Fiscal Folio Printing being active. Similar for Fiscal Bill No.

Queue Name is available when Print Queue or Fiscal Payments or Fiscal Folio Printing is active.

Fiscal Bill No is available when Fiscal Folio Printing is active.

Name Tax Type is available when Folio Type Method setting is available.

Revision No is available when Folio Revision Number is active.

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.

Only available when the Cashiering>Permanent Folio Storage application parameter is set to Y.

Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.


Cashiering>Cashier Functions>Folio History

Reports & Report Forms.





The following rules must be followed when configuring the file name:

  • Each value can only be used 1 time.
  • / \ * ? : < > " | cannot be used/inserted within the file name.

For Example
If the file name is selected as follows:
The file name would display as:
05200549_XXXXXX.pdf (XXXXXX being the internal FOLIO_ATTACHMENT_LINK_ID)
The breakdown:
05 - Month
2005 - Year
49 - Bill Number
.pdf - File extension of the file