Room History

The Rooms Management > Room History function enables the user to display the history of activity for a room. You can use this option to determine when Mr. Smith stayed in room 512, to locate the owner of a lost article and to find out which guest was probably responsible for the ruined carpet of room 415.

After you have selected this option, the date one month prior to the OPERA date appears in the prompt as the default date. This date is the date from which you would like to view the room activity until now. You can change this date if you would like to view an earlier or a later period. When you have entered the date, the system prompts for the room number. Enter the room number for which you would like to see the activity. If no such room number exists in the hotel, or if no activity information has been recorded for the room, OPERA displays the message “Not found.” If you do not enter a room number, the system returns to the Rooms Management menu. When you have completed the prompts, the following display appears:

Note: The display in the Room History option is for information only. You cannot change any of the data shown here, only look at the information. The Room History of a guest's stay only becomes available after the End of Day Process of the day the guest has checked out.

Search Criteria Options

Property. When the OPP_MHT2 OPERA Property Management Multi-Property add on license code is active, select the down arrow to choose a property from the Single Select LOV.

Departure Since. Select the button to display the calendar screen. Select the desired day and year. Make sure that the End of Day Routine function has been run for that date.

Room Number. Select the down arrow to display the room numbers list. Highlight the desired room number and select the OK button to accept this choice.

Credit Card No. Manually enter, or swipe the guests credit card, to search for the reservation by the credit card number attached to the reservation. When the credit card icon displays at the end of the field, the Credit Card Vault functionality is active. See Credit Card Vault for details.

Note: For security reasons, if a credit card is swiped with the cursor in this field, the information associated with the credit card is initially displayed as a series of asterisks. This is also true if you manually type a credit card number beginning with a % sign (e.g., %9238...). The asterisks will resolve to the masked credit card number or to the actual credit card number if the user has been granted the Reservation > Credit Card Information View permission.

Room History Grid

Room. Displays the room number.

Name. Name of the guest attached to the reservation for the room number.

Arrival. Date the guest arrived to the property.

Departure. Date the guest departed from the property.

Prs. Number of persons, adults/children, attached to the reservation.

Rate Code. Rate code assigned to the room for the reservation.

Revenue. Total revenue amount gained from that room number for their entire reservation.

Rate. Per night room rate attached to the reservation.

Note: If the Rates > Multi Currency application parameter is set to Y and rate codes are configured in various currencies, the rate amount displayed is based on the currency of the rate code.

Button Functions

Search. Select the Search button to initiate a query for the history that exists for the chosen room number. All search results for that room number display in the information grid.

Profile. Highlight any of the displayed records and select the Profile button to display the profile for the selected reservation. This information is displayed for viewing purposes only. If the profile has been deleted from the system, the system displays the message Profile has been purged.

Resv. Highlight any of the displayed records and select the Resv. button in order to view the reservation for the guest's stay. This information is displayed for viewing purposes only.

Revenue. View the Revenue Details for this reservation. Line items are displayed for Room Revenue, Extra Revenue, F&B Revenue, Non Revenue (e.g., taxes), and Payment.

Folio. Guest folios are saved during the End of Day Process. You may view the details of the folios that are stored in the database. Select the Folio button to display the folio of the selected reservation.  This option is not available for in-house reservations or if there is not a folio for the reservation. This information is displayed for viewing purposes only.