Video Check Out

Note: In order to use this feature, the property must have a Video Systems Interface (e.g., On Command Video, Pacific Pay Video, CableCom) license, that supports the video check out functionality.

OPERA functionality allows for a guest to view their folio and check out from their room via the in-room television. When the IFC>Video Checkout application parameter is set to Y, the Video Checkout check box is available on the reservation Privileges screen. (You may access the Privileges screen by selecting the Privileges button from the Reservation screen Options menu, or the Billing screen Options menu.) Select this option to enable video checkout for the guest. (This option is selected by default for reservations with a credit card payment method that has an IFC CC Type specified.)

Note: If the Payment Method is not IFC CC TYPE, the default value can be set for the Video Checkout check box using the Configuration>Setup>Screen Design>Field and Button Defaults functionality for the Reservation Screen Name.

When the Reservations>Payment Types Per Window application function is active, the multi payment methods is available for video checkout. The video check-out routine that posts the payment to the different windows has to check the payment type for the window and post on the transaction code linked to the payment method but only if the payment method is allowed for video checkout. This feature is particularly useful when guests wish to divide portions of their stay between two or more credit cards. If payment types are not defined on the other windows than the main payment type on the reservation will be used.

A guest can use the video check out only when:

If these conditions are not met, the guest will receive a message on the video monitor telling them that they need to go to the front desk to check out.

Note: With a Direct Bill payment type there must be an AR setup on the guest/company profile or on the folio window. With a Comp payment type there must be an AR setup on the authorizer or the Application Setting for 'Default Comp Method of Payment' must have a value.

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