Managing Activities

CCC 12-18-07 Import Review

To access activities, select the Customer Management>Activities option from the main menu, or use the Activities buttons on the Accounts, Contacts, or Business Block screens.

Activities are traces. The Activities feature helps keep track of upcoming appointments, sales calls, follow-up contacts, things to do, and so on. In addition, Activities remain in the OPERA database until they are manually deleted. Because of this, they can serve as an historical record of your communications and business interactions.

Use Activities to create reminders to send or follow-up on correspondence, make appointments, and establish project planning milestones for Account, Contact, and Business Block management. Surveys may also be attached to activities. Activities are the building blocks for the scheduling and calendar tools provided by OPERA.

Activities may be assigned to multiple owners by their originator. When you assign an Activity to multiple owners, each owner receives a separate copy of the Activity.

The main Activity-related tasks OPERA supports are the following.

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