AR Folio History

A copy of each folio is stored in the OPERA folio history at the time the guest checks out, when an AR invoice is created, or when a passer by folio is generated. From the Folio History screen, folios can be reviewed on-screen and printed in any of the available folio styles.

Note: Folios remain in OPERA folio history until they are archived to conserve space. (Your property determines how long folios remain in the folio history before archiving.) If folios need to be accessed after archiving, they can be retrieved from the storage tape or other archive medium by your system administrator.

Note: When old balances have been added to an AR account (via System Configuration>AR>Enter Old Balances), the Folio History button is not available because there is no folio detail supporting old balance entries.

To display the Folio History screen for an invoice, highlight an invoice on the AR Account screen (be sure the invoice you choose has a folio number in the Folio Number field) and  select Folio History from the Account Posting Options menu. (The Account Posting Options menu is accessible from the AR Account screen.)

You may also select Cashiering>Cashier Functions>Folio History to display the Folio History screen.

See Folio History for details.

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