Configuration - Articles (cf_articles with GENREPPAR.FMX)

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The Configuration report for Articles is only available if the CASHIERING > ARTICLES application function is active.

The report will display all configured Articles for your Property. Articles allow a property to post certain items to a guest folio in such a way that they appear to have come from a single transaction code. A typical example would be the items in a minibar. One mini bar transaction code would be configured, however, instead of posting a lump sum to one transaction code you can post the breakdown of that total. Instead of posting 10.00 to mini bar, you can enter 2.00 to Orange Juice, 2.00 to Coca-Cola, 2.50 to Potato Chips and 3.50 to Nuts.

Articles are configured in System Configuration > Cashiering > Codes > Articles.

Report Output