Closing Script Confirmation

Closing Scripts are dependent upon the Reservation Flow System Configuration settings in the System Configuration module. If your user ID is configured to work with closing scripts, you can use the Closing Script to read a reservation confirmation on the screen to review the guest property booking details. The closing script helps you to summarize the reservation information from a simple script to conclude the sales call. The Closing Script displays once the reservation information has been confirmed and prior to ending the call. Scripts can be tailored for each property, chain, and Property location.

Note: When the OPR<version number>ORS license code is active, the parameter CRO>Reservation LAUNCH_CONFIRMATION_FROM_CLOSINGSCRIPT can be selected in ORS. This parameter will only be visible when the CRO>Selling Screen>Parameter>Endscript parameter is On. When the LAUNCH_CONFIRMATION_FROM_CLOSINGSCRIPT parameter is activated, the Confirmation check box is removed from the Reservation screen and placed on the Closing Script screen.

This provides agents the opportunity to review the reservation before sending a confirmation. The check box is selected by default and when the End Call button is selected, the Confirmation screen appears. When the check box is unselected and the End Call button is selected, users return to the ORS Sales Screen.

Language. Select the down arrow to choose the language for which confirmation script to display. These must be configured on the Closing Script screen to display and if one is not configured for the selected language, then a notification is displayed.

Return. (ORS) Select Return to return to the previous screen in the reservation flow (i.e. to the Reservation Snapshot screen).

End Call. (ORS) Select this button to return to the beginning of the reservation process (i.e. to the ORS Sales Screen).

Close. (PMS) Select this button to close the Closing Script.