Configuring Sales&Catering

Configuration is the set of features that allow you to customize S&C for your own organization. In Configuration you set up system users, and define the characteristics and behavior of OPERA for your hotel.

To begin configuring your system, go to Set-up from the main menu, and select User Configuration, Application Parameters, or Configuration.

Users. Configure user access rights and permissions. Also create Owner Teams — groups of Sales Managers that can be used when assigning ownership to Accounts, Business Blocks or Potentials.

Using Application Parameters. Define parameters for your Hotel according to your business practices. Parameters define the behavior of the system (e.g., Times of Activities, available Catering Packages, Rate Codes, Function Spaces, etc.).

System Configuration. Use System Configuration to enter definitions for all lists of values that will appear in the application pick boxes. Also define the complete sets of options available from each of the product areas: Catering, Reservations, Profile, Rate Management, Cashiering, General, Property, Setup, and Database.