Property Conversion for OXI_HUB

You can find out if you are in Property mode by checking the toolbar on top of the screen – it should read; Conversion Codes for the Interface OXI- OPERA, OXI-V6 etc.  Further, Property default values are shown in BLACK text.

Example: Conversion Codes for property level.

Note: Conversion value to process the mfbookingtype value on a block is now available. This is added to an allotment record via the Type selection field on the Business Block Screen.

Property Conversion Screen Fields

Show Global Codes. If checked, this allows you to show global and property conversions together in one display in order to compare if duplications have been done at the property level. The global values will be marked in RED for better visual distinction.

STATE & TITLE Conversion - Unique Setup


If the same State/Province Code is utilized with two (2) different states, then setup can be unique. We have added the additional field ORS Country Code to allow additional validation before a State/Province code is inserted to profile or reservation. State and or Provinces have to be setup in ORS to allow for this multiple mapping.

Example:  Conversion Code State Code from Global or Property setup.


If the Title is needed to be maintained in OCIS under specific language types, then setup can be unique. OCIS has been enhanced and  will allow for two (2) additional types of language conversion along with base language. If the multiple language to Title conversion is not required, leave the field ORS Language Code empty.

Example: Conversion Code State Code from Global or Property setup.

Transaction Generates & Transaction Codes for V6/V7 - Unique Setup

Transaction Code generates allows for the attachment of multiple packages to a transaction code. For instance, a transaction code (1000 for this example) is configured to transfer an external value of packages, such as BAR, B&B or CHAMP. These packages are then added to the top of the outgoing XML as a package element and added to the rate header in V6.

On the other hand, when receiving a rate from a V6/V7 property, if the rate transaction code post conversion of the transaction code contains an entry, all codes found in the external value from the list of packages in the XML message prior to processing are removed.

Example: OXI_HUB Transaction Code Setup.

OXI_HUB Transaction Code Generates Setup

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