Group.  General

Type.  Setting





Description. The number of days in which the credit card information will be removed in the case where no transactions or reservations are active.


When the General>Purge Unnecessary Credit Cards application setting is employed, the number of days entered for this setting will be used to determine which credit cards are eligible for removal, provided the credit card is not attached to any other current or future reservations in any property (in multi-property environments). Actual removal is handled by the Purge Credit Cards procedure, which is included in the Opera Data Purge Routine, and will be implemented at the next scheduled run of that routine. Here is how this setting affects credit card information removal.

Please note that the procedure will execute each time the Opera Data Purge Routine is scheduled. The procedure will refer to the Days to Remove Unnecessary Credit Cards setting only to determine all the valid credit card information that is older than that many days.

For all users, regardless of the Reservations>Credit Card Information View permission, credit card information will only be available in masked format (e.g., XXXXXXXXXXXX4317, expiration date XX/XX) once it has been removed from the database. (After the purge routine runs, all that actually remains of the credit card number in the Opera database is the last four digits (still encrypted); all other credit card information, including the expiration date, is entirely removed.) The masked format information will be displayed, as required, in screens and in response to requests for reports and historical information.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Any number between 5 and 365. Null (blank) indicates that this feature is inactive.

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Other Application Settings.


Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.

All screens that display credit card information.

Reports & Report Forms.

All reports that display credit card information.



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