DEFAULT POSTING ROOM Application Setting

Group.  IFC

Type.  Setting

Application.  PMS

Description.  Room Number to which Lost Interface Postings will be Sent


Property Determination. In the event that a charge is to be applied to a guest room and that room is already checked out, this setting specifies the room number the posting is directed to.

If an EFT interface is active for the property, and/or if an external fiscal device is used (in such case the Cashiering>Fiscal Folio Printing application parameter and/or the Cashiering>Fiscal Payments application parameter would be active as in the Latin American countries), the default posting room specified by the IFC>Default Posting Room application setting must be checked-in in order to post charges using the Passerby feature (Cashiering>Passer By).

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

All "Pseudo Rooms' for the current resort

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.


Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.

Cashiering> Passer By

Reports & Report Forms.




Other Areas.