Delete Block

Select Blocks>Business Block>Options>Delete to delete a Business Block. Normally, you would delete a Business Block only when you have inadvertently duplicated the booking. If there are any reservations or Posting Masters attached to this Business Block, you will not be able to delete the booking. The Delete function button will be inactive unless you have permission to use the Delete feature.

Once a room block has been deleted, OPERA has no record of it, which is a useful feature for data entry errors. Find and highlight the appropriate business block within the Business Block Search screen. Select Options>Delete. When the Delete Room Block Confirmation dialog box appears, select Yes button to proceed with Room Block deletion. If rooms have been picked up from the block you may not delete the block unless you cancel the reservations or remove the Block Code from the reservations.

Note: When a Business Block is deleted, any snapshot records for that Business Block will also be deleted.