Generic Business Rules for OPERA PMS to Pegasus

Upgraded Reservation Handling

Existing reservation that has the RTC (Room to Charge) field populated specifying the original booking has been upgraded.

Scenario 1:  When a modification comes down from the CRS and the room type in the message is exactly the same as the original reservation found in PMS, OXI will not update the RTC (room to charge) room type.  OXI will only apply changes to those fields that need to be updated.

Scenario 2:  When a modification comes down from the CRS and the message contains a room type that is different than the original booking found in PMS, OXI will update the room type and RTC fields with the new room type. So the change will be reflected as a non-upgraded booking.

Handling for Multiple Rooms for a Single Reservation Record

The handling of reservations with multiple rooms can be booked in the CRS and/or the PMS without the need to limit reservations to 1 room only. This does NOT accommodate general support for multiple accommodation segments.

Neither address information nor their respective pipes (extracted segments and full messages are attached for comparison) are included in the repeated segments. All other elements are copied from the first BSEG built.

When building the accommodation segments to be sent to Pegasus, repeat the accommodation segment as many times as there are rooms on the reservation, and compute: