General Cashier

The general cashier is the central bank for the property. Select Cashiering>Cashier Functions>General Cashier to display the General Cashier screen. The General Cashier screen lets you record the transfer of cash or checks to the general cashier from your cash drawer, and the transfer of cash from the general cashier to your cash drawer.

Note: The Cashiering>Bypass Cashier Login application parameter may be used to speed access to Cashiering functions for users having a cashier ID associated with their user ID. If the Cashiering>Bypass Cashier Login application parameter is set to Y, and if you have previously logged in to Cashiering and the Cashier is still open, the Cashier Login screen does not appear when subsequently accessing Cashiering functions. If Bypass Cashier Login is set to N (the default), you are prompted for a Cashier Login each time a Cashiering function is accessed.

Note: The following system behavior is employed for security reasons when working with this screen: Assume that the General Cashier screen is opened by user 1 (who has a valid cashier ID). User 1 then logs out using the F8 Quick Key from the General Cashier screen. Further assume that user 2 (who does not have a valid cashier ID) logs in to continue from where user 1 left off. All previously opened screens will be immediately closed and user 2 will be required to start any activity from the beginning.

When transferring monies to or from the general cashier, provide the appropriate information and select OK.

To General Cashier / From General Cashier. Select the appropriate radio button depending on whether you are transferring cash or checks from your cash drawer to the general cashier, or transferring cash from the general cashier to your cash drawer.

Amount. Enter the total amount being transferred. You may only enter a positive number.

Supplement. Enter any supplemental information such as the reason for the transaction.

Trn. Code. (Mandatory for both To and From General Cashier options) Select the down arrow to display the list of values and choose the transaction code for the activity you are performing. The transaction description for the code you select displays to the right of the field. For transfers to general cashier, the transaction codes identified by the Cashiering Settings CASH_SHIFT_DROP and CHECK_SHIFT_DROP appear in the LOV. For transfers from general cashier, the transaction code set up for cash payment transactions (Paidout) appears.

Note: If you are transferring to the General Cashier, select either cash or checks. If you wish to transfer some of both, perform separate general cashier transactions for the checks and for the cash.

Currency.  Enter the code for the type of currency you wish to transfer. Or select the down-arrow to display the Currency LOV from which you may choose the currency code. The description of the currency selected displays next to the field.

When you close your cashier (Cashiering>Close Cashier), you can identify general cashier transactions on the Cashier Closure Summary details by either "From General Cashier" or "To General Cashier" in the Reference column. In addition, any Supplemental information provided on the General Cashier screen appears in the Supplement column.