Getting Started with the Translation Studio

A new schema should be created by the region or office exclusively for the Translation Studio files. The schema should be preserved for all future translations. This will ensure the integrity of the data and improve performance.

The Opera user configures the language codes and descriptions in PMS (Configuration>Profiles>Geographical Data>Languages), and then attaches an ISO language code to this configuration. This links the languages configured in Opera to the ISO language codes that are used by the Translation Studio. Therefore the ISO language code must be configured for the translation to be visible for the user.


Note: If the language that you wish to translate appears on this form and an ISO Language Code is attached, but does not appear as a language option in the Translation Studio, please submit a request to Opera Support to have the language included as SID data.

A field on the Edit User screen (EMPLOYEE form) for the Language displays the languages that have been defined from the language table. The language selected here populates to the default language in the Opera Login screen. Please note that if no ISO Code is entered Opera will use the default language of English.

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