Guest Type

Select Configuration>Reservations>Codes>Custom>Guest Type to create a code to specify the type of guest such as hotel guest, members, staff, and outside guests. The values used for the Guest Type list of values are entered here. If the field is to display, it must be Screen Painted on the Reservation form view.

Note: Guest Type field can be screen painted onto the Main Reservations or Main Reservations More Fields screens. When screen painting the field, the corresponding field will have a menu item to with the same name to select. See Screen Painting for further information about the feature.

Adding or Editing a Guest Type

Provide the following information in the Guest Type - Edit screen and select the OK button.

Code. Enter the code you want used for this type of guest.

Description. Enter a description for this type of guest.

Sequence. The order of succession for items to appear in a list by assigning them a numeric order.

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