Group.  IFC

Type.  Parameter

Application.  PMS

Description. Exclusive taxes will be posted as Itemizers by the POS Interface.

Internal Name. EXCL TAX BY IFC

Property Determination. The interface needs to be configured for tax itemizer. When a check comes in from the interface, it sends the itemizer for VAT posting it to the guest folio. If a transaction code is configured with the "Non Taxable" check box checked which marks any consumption trx_code as Non Taxable Opera will not post any VAT and will recognize the VAT that comes from the interface as VAT.

When this parameter is set to Y, OPERA expects the itemizers only from POS, not via manual postings( i.e. main charge and the corresponding generate to be sent by POS).

When a charge is posted manually, OPERA will always post the generate configured on the transaction code. OPERA does not have the ability to accept a tax transaction via manual posting screen and apply it to a package tax allowance.

Note: By configuring a transaction code (8000 for example) as part of the alternate transaction code list, OPERA will consume the allowance (not the allowance tax) when the transaction code 8000 is posted.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Y- Yes

N- No

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.


Affected Areas

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Other Areas.

  • This parameter will apply to those transactions defined as Generates exclusive.
  • When this parameter is active, interface charges being posted from any interface are posted to the AR Account, based on the TAX_GENERATE_YN value (Y,N) that has been configured for each interface from Configuration>Setup>Property Interface>Interface Configuration. Should the interface have the Tax Generate check box selected and a posting is made from the interface, only the tax that was setup for the POS is posted to the AR account. The PMS generate tax is not posted to the AR account. If the Tax Generate check box is NOT selected for the interface, then posting to an AR account posts both the PMS and POS taxes to the account.

Note: When configuring transaction codes that will be applied to charges posted by interfaces (e.g., telephone and minibar interface postings), keep in mind that the IFC>Post Exclusive Tax as Itemizer application parameter will only apply if the Generates Inclusive option is not selected. If the Generates Inclusive option is selected, Opera will still generate taxes and service charges according to the generates configuration and lump the generates with the base charge. For example, if the Post Exclusive Tax as Itemizer application parameter is set to Y, and the transaction code assigned to the phone interface postings in Interface Configuration has the Generates Inclusive option selected, Opera will not itemize taxes on phone postings received through the interface.

Service Charge and Tax on Package Profit and Loss

When the IFC POST EXCLUSIVE TAX AS ITEMIZER parameter is active, the service charge and tax posted on profit/loss is calculated rather than using generates configured on the profit and loss transaction codes.

Should an outlet not post tax (this can happen in some countries where certain outlets are tax exempt), the unconsumed allowance for the tax would leave a credit balance (imbalance) if not dealt with. Therefore, when OPMS posts a package profit/loss it calculates the credit and debit totals and adjusts the tax accordingly.

As a result, the package loss credit and service charge credit would show a debit to tax — not what is expected for a typical loss posting, but necessary as the outlet didn't post any tax through the interface.

The Package Ledger Detail Report would indicate that the total debits and total credits balance for the reservation.


Clear the unconsumed tax allowance (post debit).

Transaction Code


760 Loss


800 Service


899 Tax


ifc_exclusive tax_1.gif