Introduction to the Translation Studio

The Translation Studio enhancement allows regions to translate forms into multiple languages and then allow individual users to choose a specific Opera login language. Simply put, the user may view the form in their own language if a translation has been implemented for that language and the Login Language user permission and the General>Login Language application function has been set to Y. The Translation Studio feature allows multiple language translations for the same property. For example, it is possible for the Front Desk clerk to view Opera in Italian and the Concierge to view Opera in German if both languages have been translated.

The Opera Translation Studio allows multiple languages to be translated simultaneously.

Through the Translation Studio Configuration tool all forms throughout the Opera Suite are included so you can determine the fields you want translated and relabeled. Consequently a license code does not have to be active in order to translate forms related to the inactive module.

MICROS strongly recommends that the translated text keeps to the same length as the original text for all fields in order to prevent truncations and “Invalid Value” messages throughout the system if, for example, a six letter word gets translated into a 20 character expression.

ISO language codes are used throughout the Translation Studio application. English will not appear in the list of values as only the languages that are to be translated to (from English) are displayed.

English is always the default language when a field has not been translated. Once the translation has been created, Opera exports the data to a file. It is mandatory that these files be sent to the Naples office for storage. This will ensure that the ability to expedite the inclusion of a translated version into a site will exist with the responsible office. In the event a label, message, etc. missed translation then the default will always be to display English.

An Import button allows for forms to be updated if a previous version of Translation Studio has been implemented.

A Read Me button provides clear instructions on how to properly perform an Export of the translated items. Also included in this form is a troubleshooting guide for your reference.

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