List of Values Group Maintenance

Use Configuration>Setup>Screen Design>List of Values Maintenance>LOV Group Maintenance to set up lists of values groups used within OPERA as defined by your Screen Design setup or as required for Export Mapping. Users must first create Group names which correspond to the field, and then create data (values) for each Group name, which will become the available options the users will see within the List of Values for that field.

The User Defined Field List of Values function allows you to decide what entries will be valid in any given, user-defined field within a list of values. This means that you can add a new field to a screen through Screen Design and then control the data the users are able to input by selecting from the list of values. This is done by defining the Group name (the field) and the Value data (the list of values) which contains all the valid entries for a certain field. The list is then linked to the screen painted field with the associated list of values.

Select New to create a Group name, Edit to change the description for this Group name, or Delete to delete it from the property.

LOV Group. The Group name for a field.

Description. The Group name description that explains the group name.

Data Type. Select the down arrow to choose the data type for the field values of this group (e.g., Character, Integer).

Data Length. Length of field values of this group.

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