List of Values Value Maintenance

Use Configuration > Setup > Screen Design > List of Values Maintenance > LOV Value Maintenance to set up lists of values groups used within OPERA as defined by your Screen Design setup or your Export Mapping requirements.

Select New to create a Value name, Edit to change the description for this Value name, or Delete to delete it from the property.

LOV Value. Enter a code for the value. The code entered will become part of the list of values for the Group name, for example, if a valid list of values code for the Group name selected will be "TAD" which represents a TA/Airline Discount.

Description. Enter a description of the code you just entered. The description will also be displayed when selecting from the list of values. In our example, "TA/Airline Discount" would be the description for the "TAD" code.

Sequence. Enter the sequence to determine the order in which the values will be displayed to the user. It is a good idea to put the most commonly used entries in the first few positions.


Assume you want to add a field to the Reservation screen to record the color of slippers that the quest would like upon checking in. Instead of leaving each agent to create a code (abbreviation) for the color, you would create a field (Group name) on the Reservation screen, add a user-defined list of values (Value data) to this field, and define all the available colors (YEL, GRN, BLU, RED, BLK, WHI, etc.). When the agent makes the reservation he or she would be able to select the actual color of slippers that the guest is requesting from the list of values. If an agent enters anything other than a valid code, the list of values would be displayed, asking for a valid value.

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