LOGIN TIMEOUT Application Setting

Group.  General

Type. Parameter

Application. PMS



Description. When enabled (Y), OPERA Login will timeout after the last session is closed for all OPERA sessions. This timeout is determined by the session timeout value set in web.xml. The default value is 15 minutes. For this scenario, ensure that the 'Recycle Classloader' is not checked in the Jinitiator Console Window for each client workstation.

When not enabled (N), OPERA Login Timeout is only enforced for the initial Login into the OPERA Login screen and will not timeout after the last session is closed.

Internal Name. LOGIN_TIMEOUT

Property Determination. When logging into the OperaLogin page and just sitting there at some point there will be a Timeout which is defined in web.xml (e.g., Apache timeout) - the symptom is when clicking a Module after the timeout occurred you will get a dark little box in the available sessions.

However, the Apache timeout is no longer enforced once the user has gone into one of the Modules (e.g., PMS, SC, etc.) and then exited the Module (e.g., being back again at the OperaLogin page).

However - this is not to be confused with the Session Timeout in Opera which will automatically disconnect all sessions and the user is forced to log back in.

This parameter enforces the Login Timeout configured in web.xml once all Opera sessions have been closed. Without enabling this parameter the Login Timeout is only enforced for the initial Login into Opera Login page.

When enabling this parameter - the "Recycle Classloader" checkbox should be unchecked in the Jinitiator Control Panel for each client workstation.

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Available Values.

Y- Yes

N- No

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OPERA Login Screen

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