Market Statistics Transfer

The Market Statistics Transfer option is used to transfer revenue data to the external system. OPERA collects the data from the appropriate Front Office files and writes them into an ASCII file. The file name is defined in the Setup>Configuration>External>Back Office>Define Records option and will usually contain the date of the transfer; for example, MS991231.001, ("MS for market statistics and 991231 for the export date).

Note: Should a property have the OPP_PMS license active, OPP_S&C license active, OPP_BO add-on license inactive, OPP_EXP add-on license inactive, OPP_ESM add-on license inactive, OPP_COM add-on license active, Commission>Positive Pay Check Export application parameter is inactive, and Exports>Country Export application function is inactive, the Configuration menu option for External will no longer display without any menu options.

Select Back Office Interface>Revenue Transfer to display the Market Statistics Transfer screen.

Transfer From Date. Manually enter or select the calendar button to choose the beginning date to start the market statistics transfer with.

Transfer To Date. Manually enter or select the calendar button to choose the ending date to end the market statistics transfer with.

Last Export On. Displays the date of when the last market statistics transfer export was ran.

Button Functions

Start. Begin the transfer status. The program will collect the data and write it to a file as the message Revenue transfer in process, please wait displays. The Transfer dialog box closes automatically when the transfer has completed. Once the system has completed the transfer, you are returned to the main menu. If, for some reason, the transfer could not be completed, an appropriate message is displayed. The interface always transfers revenue records one day at a time This means that if you need to transfer records for various days (for example, after a weekend), you will need to select this menu option several times, once for each consecutive day. OPERA does not allow you to skip days and always defaults to the date of the last transfer plus one.

Note: If a record does not exist when the download process is started, the download will wait 10 seconds before attempting to start the download again.

Close. Exits out of the Market Statistic Transfer functionality.