MEMBERSHIP RATES Application Setting

Group.  Rates

Type.  Parameter



ORS (Property)

Description.  Activates membership rates that allows linking of a rate code to a membership type/membership level.

Property Determination. This feature allows a property to link a rate code to a membership type/membership level. Once Membership Rates are configured, the rate codes will display for the membership type/level to which they are linked. When performing a rate query, membership rates will be filtered out for normal guests, but they will display when queried for members based on the membership type/level.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Y- Yes

N- No

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.


Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.

Configuration>Profile>Memberships>Membership Rates

F5>Rate Query

PMS>F7 (Sales Screen)

ORS Sales Screen

Reports & Report Forms.




Other Areas.