OBI User Access

BI users are given permission to access various property levels and BI subject areas for producing reports in OBI and S&C Advanced Reporting. These BI permissions are assigned to the user from the Edit User screen or to a user group to which the user belongs from the User Groups screen.

On both of the aforementioned screens the Opera BI Options screen is available for selecting property levels and BI subject areas granted to the user.

Note: When the individual employee has been granted BI permissions at the Edit User screen, and if that employee is assigned to a user group at the User Groups screen, the employee will now have the combined permissions of both. For example, if the employee has been granted permission to one property, such as Property OBS from the Edit Users screen, and becomes a member of a user group that has access to a Chain, the employee will have permission for Property OBS and the Chain.


Users with the permission DATAMART>Manage BI Access are able to set up access for other users for property levels and subject areas in OBI and S&C Advanced Reporting using the Opera BI Options screen.

Opera BI Options Screen

The Opera BI Options screen is accessed by selecting the BI button OBI_bi_button_for_bi_options_screen from either the Edit Users screen or the User Groups screen.

obi edit users bi options

BI Access Level. Select from the LOV each access level you would like the user to have: All Properties, Chain, Region, Country, or Single Property.

Access Permissions. After the BI Access Level has been selected, select this button to view the multi-select screen associated with the BI Access Level. You can view and change existing access permissions that are part of the BI Access Level, or select new ones from the list. For example, if Chain was selected for the BI Access Level, a list of available chains displays.

BI Groups. Select the groups of BI data (subject areas) containing information from specific areas of the Opera database that will be available to the user.

BI Subject Areas

(For more information about these subject areas, refer to OBI Subject Areas Overview.)

S&C Advanced Reporting Subject Areas

(For more information about these subject areas, refer to S&C Advanced Reporting Subject Areas)

Workflow Example for Setting Up BI User Access with the Edit Users Screen

For the employee, select the permissions for:

Workflow for Setting Up BI User Access with the User Groups Screen

Create OBI User Groups for the type of BI access you want granted to groups of BI users. For example, OBI Full Access or OBI Limited Access. (Refer to the User Groups topic for more information.)

Examples of user group permissions:

1. OBI Full Access Example
2. OBI Limited Access Example

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