ORS Routing Instructions

ORS (OPR <version number>ORS license code) has functionality where users can enter Window or Room routing instructions while creating and modifying reservations, before the reservation has been checked in. Routing instructions let you automatically forward charges for specific routing codes (defined groups of transaction codes) incurred by one or more guests to another guest's bill at the time of posting. This functionality had previously only been available in PMS. Now, it exists between OPERA to OPERA: ORS to OPMS.

Once the reservation is checked in, users will not be able to make further routing changes. Neither will any payment details or changes that occurred in PMS appear in ORS. ORS will just transfer the routing instructions, while all payments are handled in the PMS system. To accommodate this functionality, the OXIHUB Interface has a conversion code called Routing Code where the mappings of routing codes between ORS and PMS are set up. In addition, a report is available that will print billing instruction configuration, Cf_billinginstruction - Routing Codes.

From the Routing Instructions screen, you can use routing instructions from one reservation to another reservation. These routing instructions will be transferred between ORS and OPMS through the OXI interface.

Application Settings

The following application settings must be activated.

User Permissions

The following user permissions will be activated based on the Routing parameter. Assign users these permissions:

Routing Codes Configuration

Note: In a PMS and ORS environment (when the OPR<version number>ORS license code is active) routing codes can be transferred between the two programs for shared contact, company, travel agent, source, or vendor profiles (this does not apply to transaction codes - only routing codes). When a routing code is added to a profile in PMS, in ORS that same profile is updated with the routing code. Likewise, in ORS when a routing code is set for the profile, that profile in PMS will update and contain the routing code from ORS. For this process to occur, either a) identical routing codes must already be configured in both programs or b) routing code conversion codes must be set up between the two systems in OXI-HUB (Interface Conversion>Conversion Codes). If identical routing codes do not exist in both programs, or if conversion codes have not been set up, the profile will stage when the system validates the routing codes during the transfer. The profiles can be matched and merged through Profile Merge (Options>Merge) or in ORS>Suspended Profiles. When routing codes are removed from one profile (in ORS or PMS), the codes will be removed from the other profile. When routing codes are removed, the system makes them inactive and they are not visible to the user anywhere in the application.