OXI Interface Processors

OXI functions with the OPERA Interface Service and Start/Stop Processors. Messages to and from OPERA will not be processed if the service or processors are off. Go to Interface Status>Start/Stop Processors to ensure that they are running.

Start/Stop Processors

To Check the Status:

Start/Stop Processors = ‘STOPPED’

Start/Stop Processors  = ‘WAITING’

Start/Stop Processors  = ‘IN DOUBT’

This status can be due to a few different reasons, such as: network issues at the property that caused the communication to be interrupted, or messages are not being delivered every second and the processor is ‘sleeping’ until time to ‘wake up’. Sleep time configuration is handled in Communication Methods.

Start/Stop Processors  = ‘EXITED’

This status can be cause by the OXI License for the interface being ‘inactivated’ or the External System setting is ‘inactive’.