OXI File Purge Setup

File Systems is configured under Interface Configuration> Comm Methods in the OXI interface.

This setup will be available to all interfaces configured for message delivery type:  File Systems. This purge is beneficial for external CRS systems that reuse file naming formats and where files are stored on the local machine after import from the CRS.

Example: Main screen for File Purge Setup.

Example: Edit example for one File Purge rule.


File Specification. Manual entry field where mapping to log file folders can be configured.  See below for examples of File Specification Setup.

Retention (days). Manual entry field where numeric value (0-99) in days can be configured for how many days worth of files will be held from current business date. Suggested value = 7.

Next Purge on. (calendar date) Calendar select for start of File Purge. Once entered the date will roll forward according to the Retention value entered on this screen.

At. (time) Time is entered in military format. (ie 02:00 for 2am or 18:00 for 6pm)

Inactive. On screen parameter to disable purge rule without permanently removing rule from application.

Function Buttons

Ok. To save new entry.

Sample of File Specification Setup

These two following examples are taken from OXI Pegasus interface that uses the File System type of communication. They also store file messages in a directory tree.

Example 1:


1  2      3             4

1 – drive on machine

2 – root folder name

3 – file folder under root folder

4 – file extension name

Note: With the (*.amf) at end of the path you have indicated only files that have been stored with this end extension will be purged from this file folder.

Example 2:


Note: With the (*.*) placed at the end of the path you have indicated that ALL file types and ALL folders within this main folder will be purged.

We will support these types of File Purge setups: