OXI Message Status Print Log

The OXI Message Status Print Log is accessed from the OXI Message Status screen (Interface Status>Message Status) by selecting the Print button. This report can be printed for either Messages to an External System or Messages from and External System. (See either topic for more information on Selection Criteria for these reports).

Note: When this Report help topic is printed, the output will display with a Landscape page orientation.

Report Data

This report captures error messages and warnings for a particular interface/property based on the selection criteria used on the OXI Message Status screen. This report (shown below as Messages from an External System) contains the following data, by column:

Interface ID. The interface ID used to recieve the message.

Property. Property Name.

Message ID. Unique message indentifier.

Ext. Ref No. Reference number associated with the External system.

Type. Type of error or warning for selected message. Prints from Highest to Lowest severity on this report.

Primary Info. Contains key information that would be obtained in a message; for example the guest last/first name from a reservation message or the block code from a block message.

Text. Contains the explicit description of the warning or error that occurred for each message.