OXI UDF Column Conversion

The UDF Column Conversion in OXI allows the definition of all reservations, profile and stay UDFs to be exchanged with an external OXI GEN XML based 3rd party system.


Explanation of Fields

Interface. Name of the OXI Interface used.

Resort. Name of the Resort for which these changes will be applied.

Module. The module where the UDF definition will be converted. Currently the available modules are STAY, PROFILE and RESERVATION. When Profile is selected, you are prompted to select the profile type (e.g., Individual, Company, Agent, Contact, etc.).

Grid Results

PMS Table. Name of the PMS Table where the UDF definition is stored (available options here are STAY, RESERVATIONS and PROFILE).

Column. UDF column to be converted.

External Field Name. External field name to be associated with the UDF column.

IFC Created. Indicates whether this conversion was manually entered or IFC created.

To create a new or edit an existing UDF Column conversion, select the New or Edit buttons from the UDF Column Conversion screen. The UDF Column Conversion - New or UDF Column Conversion - Edit screen displays. From here, enter the appropriate information and select OK to save and exit this form, or Close to exit without saving any changes.