Packages Between OPERA

For Products to be transmitted between two OPERA applications, then the Business Events for them have to be activated. Delivery of package messages is only when using OPERA ORS to an OPERA PMS. Packages on Reservations will now be transmitted with Quantity and Length of time the package will be available on the reservation.

Scenario Example:

1. If reservation for Mr. Jones is for 2 days and has ‘2’ Breakfast packages for date range of 1 day entered. The package will be sent for the total packages of ‘2’ with 1 day.

2. If reservation for Ms. Smith is for 3 days and has ‘1’ Breakfast package, with no entry for date the package is available over. The package will be sent for the total packages of  ‘1’ with 3 days. The amount of days is defaulted based on the length of the booking when the user does not enter the amount of days the package is to be available for.


Business Events and their data elements that have to be activated for package information to be passed back and forth. Business events are in Setup>System Configuration>Setup>Business Events>Configuration>select External system>select Module Rate.

Edit Interface:

Make sure that the XML schema version for packages is set to V2 so the interface can handle Packages.

Login>OXI_OPERA>Interface Configuration>Edit Interface>select properties that will be using this function>Edit>XML Version button>PACKAGES>drill down button (List of Values)>select V2.