Rate Info Template

The Rate Info Template lets you specify further information about each rate code which you can view on the Rate Availability Grid (F5) screen. This is a full text version of the rate information to be inherited by each new rate code at the highlighted property. OPERA displays the long information text that is attached to a rate code when the user selects the Long Info button on the Rate Query screen and the Rate Code screen.

To access the Rate Info Template, select Configuration>Rate Management>Rate Classifications>Rate Info Template.

Search Criteria

Property. Available if the OPP_MHOT Multi-property add-on license is active. Select the down arrow to choose the property for which you wish to configure the Rate Info Template.

Text Area

Information such as ID requirements, included package options with outlets and times available, late checkout included, etc. can be added to the template. While the short information (room type description, and rate code short information) provides a brief description of the rate and room, the rate information template provides a larger space to write the rate details. This is an optional feature.

You can copy the Rate Info Template to every rate code. After you build these templates, each new rate code for the specified property inherits the rate information from the template.

When you create or change a rate code, you can call the template and fill in detailed information regarding the rate code including dates of availability, special restrictions or requirements, recommended room types for the rate code, and other information.

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