Recalculate Detailed Statistics

The Recalculate Detailed Statistics Utility, Utilities>Synchronize Utilities>Recalculate Past Daily Statistics>Recalculate Detailed Statistics, recalculates daily reservation and profile statistics for a specified date range that are then repopulated in the statistics table.

This utility is used when a discrepancy in reported statistics is identified by your property. Also, when a property is upgrading to a new version, the Version Release Notes will indicate if this utility needs to be run to capture new statistical values, so that new functionality for reporting may be used.

This utility can be used in conjunction with the Utility>Synchronize Inventory in order to update the forecast values, which is considered anything for the current  business date and forward.

Note: If one or more users are logged into the property, a date range of one month can be specified to be recalculated. If no users are logged in to the property, a date range of up to three months can be specified.

Date ranges entered should not be equal to or greater than the business date for the property. When the date range is entered, select the OK button to recalculate the statistic details for everyday in the date range.

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