Reservations with Room Class Upgrades (res_with_upgrades with RES23.FMX)

Displayed when the General>Room Class and Reservations>Room Type to Charge application function and application parameter are set to Y, the Reservations with Room Class Upgrades report displays the details when an upgrade discrepancy has been created and also identifies reservations based on the booked room class from the RTC field compared with the blocked room class from the Room Type field.

This report gives properties an accurate way to track when a reservation has been upgraded for the property and then changed via an external channel, which creates a force sell situation and a room type/rate code mismatch. Also this report can be used to identify reservation/room upgrades or downgrades in Opera.

Selection Criteria


Date Range

From Date/To Date. Select a From Date and To Date to report on Reservations having activity within the specified range of dates.

Arrival Dates. Displays Reservations with that Arrival Date or within the date range.

Stay Dates. Displays Reservations with a stay date that falls within the selected dates.


Room Class. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Room Classes. Only include Reservations that are made for a Room Type that is in the selected Room Class for all stay dates of the reservation. When the General>Room Class application function is set to Y, select the room class from the list of values to filter with.

RTC Room Class. Multi-select LOV to select room classes that correspond to the room type configured in the RTC field for all stay dates of the reservation.

Membership Type. Multi-select LOV to filter the results of the report on specific primary membership types.

Reservation Status. Multi-select LOV to filter on specific reservation statuses.

Blocks. Multi-select LOV to filter the report on specific block codes. Only those blocks that fall within the specified date range will be displayed.

VIP Only. Select to display a multi-select LOV to select specific VIP Codes or a Guests without VIP Code option. Displayed when the Profiles>VIP application parameter is set to Y.


Packages. Select to display the Packages associated to the reservation.

Note: Prices and allowances displayed for packages will be the price and allowance from the configuration of the package when it was attached to the reservation. Since the package price and allowance is stored at the reservation level, package prices and allowances can be different from reservation to reservation and from within the Package configuration to the reservation.

Preferences. Select to display the Preference and Preference Group associated to the reservation. When selected, and Special Requests are also present on the reservation, a separate line will display for Specials and Preferences.

Notes. Select to display a multi-select LOV and choose the types of notes to display on the report. Leaving this multi-select LOV will display all note types that are attached to the reservation.

Include Internal Notes. Displayed when the Notes check box is selected, select this check box to include any internal notes in the report.

VIP. Select to display the VIP codes attached to the reservation. Available only when the Profiles>VIP application parameter is set to Y.

Sort Order. Arrival Date, Alphabetical, Room Type, Membership Type, Membership Level, RTC Room Class, Room Class.

Button Functions

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. Select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report.