Sales Manager Goals

When the OPS<version number> Sales and Catering license code is active, the Goals feature is available, allowing you to set and monitor Rooms, Catering, and Activities goals for employees. The Sales Manager Goals screen appears when you select System Configuration>Setup>User Configuration>Sales Manager Goals. This screen lists sales managers by owner ID, and  allows you to select the sales manager for whom you wish to create and edit goals. Only users designated as sales managers (owners) are listed on this screen. This means that an Owner ID must be specified on the Employee screen for the user who is to function as a sales manager.

Enter search options and select the Search button to locate the record for a particular sales manager.

Property. When the OPP MHOT Multi-Property add-on license is active, select a property for which to display, create, edit or delete goals.

Code. Sales manager's owner ID.

Name. Sales manager's last name.

First Name. Sales manager's first name.

The following information is shown for each sales manager.

Code. Sales manager's owner ID.

Name. Sales manager's name.

Rooms/Catering/Activity. An X in these columns indicates the type of current and future goals that have been set up for this sales manager.

Highlight the record for the sales manager whose goals you wish to edit and select the Edit button to go to the Goals screen.

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