Mailing Action Codes

The Mailing Action Codes feature allows you to assign one or more identifying codes to profiles; these codes may then be used to identify the profiles when you wish to create various mailing lists or reports for other purposes. (The Profile screen Mail Action field is used to assign mailing action codes to profiles.)

For example, if you flag certain profiles with a "New Years" mailing action code, you may later use the Data Extraction feature to find all profiles having the New Years action code assigned, and create a mailing list for a New Years Eve direct mail or email promotion.

Select System Configuration>Profile>Mailing Action Code to configure mailing action codes. The Action Codes screen appears.

The Mailing Action Codes screen shows the following information.

Code. Action code (for example, NY, XMAS, GIFT, EASTER, etc.).

Description. Action code description (New Years Eve Promo, Christmas Card, Birthday Gift, GM’s Mailing, etc.).

Display Seq. Number that determines the position of this code on LOVs.

Adding and Editing Mailing Actions

To create a new mailing action, select the New button from the Mailing Actions screen. To modify an existing mailing action, highlight your choice on the Mailing Actions screen and select the Edit button. The Mailing Action - New or Mailing Action - Edit screen appears. You may also inactivate and delete unused mailing action codes.

Provide the following information and select the OK button.

Code. Enter a code for the mailing action (for example, (for example, NY, XMAS, GIFT, EASTER, etc.).

Description. Enter a description for the mailing action code.

Display Seq. Enter a number that will control the position of this mailing action when listed in screen displays. Mailing actions that do not have a display sequence number appear in alphabetical order following the mailing actions that have a sequence number assigned.

Inactive. Select this check box to inactivate the current mailing action code. Leave unchecked for active codes. You can also inactivate a code from the main grid by highlighting the code and selecting the Inactivate button. Inactive codes will not be available for selection on a profile, but will be available for selection in filters and queries. If you want to delete a code, you must first inactivate it and then delete it. Only inactive codes that are not currently applied to a profile can be deleted.

Function Buttons

Search. Select to search for the Mailing Action Code based on the search criteria that has been entered.

Move Up. Select to move the Mailing Action Code up in the display sequence.

Move Down. Select to move the Mailing Action Code down in the display sequence.

New. Select to create a new Mailing Action Code.

Edit. Select to edit the highlighted Mailing Action Code in the grid.

Inactivate. Select this button to inactivate the highlighted code in the grid.

Delete. This button displays when the Show Inactive check box is selected in the Search criteria and only inactive codes display in the grid.

Close. Select to exit out of the Mailing Action Code configuration screen.