Search Grid Color Maintenance

When modifying certain Search screens (Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Potential and Business Block), it is possible to add color definition to the grid customization.

On any of the aforementioned Search screens, right-click on the column header to display the grid options in a pop-up window. Select Modify Grid. The Grid Definition screen appears.

Note: If Modify Grid is not available, select the Save Grid option and close the screen. When you re-access the screen, the Modify Grid option will be available.

On the Grid Definition screen, to display the Grid Color Maintenance screen (below), select the Default Color ellipsis button.


Note: Only fields displayed on the Search screen may be used to define colors for records in the grid. Click here to see the list of available fields for defining colors for Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Potentials, and Business Blocks.

Grid Color Maintenance Screen


Color Name. Enter the name for the new color definition code, or select the down arrow to choose an existing color definition.

Description. Enter a description of the color definition.

Define Color Criteria

These fields allow you to create a SQL query statement that will be used to determine when a particular record should be displayed in the color code you are configuring.  You may set up multiple statements connected by AND, or OR operators. As each statement is created, select the Insert Row button to add the statement to the grid. If you are using multiple statements with AND/OR, add parentheses as needed by clicking in the ( and ) fields in the grid.

Fields. Select the down arrow to choose a field from the data sources available to you for the grid you are customizing. This is the field on which the color code will be based.

Operator. The evaluation the system is to perform on the data in the selected field.

Value. The value which you are looking for within that field.

Color. Select the color you wish to attach to this record.

Grid Options

( ). Click in these fields to add parentheses around query statements where required.

And/Or. Click to toggle the AND and OR operators. Only available when multiple conditions have been inserted.

Accelerator Buttons

New.  Create a new color code query. The cursor will appear in the Color Name field.

Delete. Delete the color definition selected in the Color Name field.

Insert Row. Insert the query statement into the grid below.

Delete Row. Remove the record that is highlighted in the grid.

Update Row. Update the record that is highlighted by moving the changes made in the Define Color Criteria to the grid below.

Clear All.  Remove all the records in the grid.

Customizing Search Grid Colors

Create a Color Query

Edit a Color Query

Delete a Color Query

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