Synchronize Stay Records

When selecting the Synchronize Utilities>Synchronize Stay Records utility, this will synchronize the stay history data elements of OPERA CIS and the stay history data elements of OPERA PMS. When running this utility in ORS, it should only be run for PMS with an active PMS license in the ORS schema (integrated properties) and not for interfaced properties.

Note: To prevent the overwrite of existing information on stay records, the Profiles>SYNCHRONIZE STAY OVERRIDE DAYS application setting can be set. Based on this setting, existing stay records will not be updated with new stay information after a defined number of days.

To run the stay records synchronization utility, provide the following information and select the OK button.

Property. When the OPP_MHOT OPERA Property Management Multi-Property Base add-on license code is active, or the ORS <OPR version number> license code is active, select the down arrow to select a property from the list of values.

Begin Date. Manually enter the date or click the calendar button to select the beginning date, that includes the arrival date, of the stay records you want to synchronize.

End Date. Manually enter the date or click the calendar button to select the ending date of the date range.

Note: If a stay record's departure date is older than 90 days from the property's system date, then certain fields on the stay record will not be validated during synchronization (thus preventing it from being suspended). The fields that will not be validated are: Rate Code, Market Code, Channel Code, and Source Code. The stay record revenue amounts will still be inserted, based on the Membership Revenue Configuration.

Tables and Views Affected by the Synchronization