Task Frequency

The Task Frequency Setup screen appears when you select the Frequency button on the Activities screen. (When the OPS/OPC<version number> Sales and Catering license is active, select Customer Management>Activities.)

Use this screen to set up the frequency for a recurring activity.

Provide the following information and select  the OK button.

This Occurs. Select the radio button that corresponds to the frequency of this activity. The fields to the right will automatically prompt you for details related to that frequency.

From/Until. Use these fields to define the date range for the creation of activities based on the selected frequency. The From date will be the first date that an activity will get created for a start/due date based on the number of days entered into the Create Before days field. Leave these fields blank if the task is to start immediately and continue indefinitely.

Create Before. How many days before the activity start date do you want OPERA to create the activity?

Next Occurrence. Next date on which this activity is scheduled. If a From/Until date range has been entered, the first occurrence will be calculated from From Date + number of days Create Before.

For Example:
If the From/Until date range is set as 01 July 2009 to 30 July 2009 and the Create Before number of days is set to 3, the Next Occurrence will be calculated from 01 July 2009 + 3 days = 4 July 2009.
An activity will be created on the 1 July 2009 with a start/due date of 04 July 2009.

Note: Activities created with the Frequency feature are generated by an End of Day process, or by a Sales and Catering background process when the OPP<version umber> PMS license code is not active.