Terminology for OPERA with Marsha

When dealing with the CRS Marsha system we have documented below what the Marsha to OPERA equivalent is. This allows easier understanding between the two systems.



Rate Program + Market code

Rate Category

Rate Program + Market code

Rate Codes

VRPA Screen

Rate Detail

Room Pool + Guarantee/Special Request codes

Room Type Categories

Mini-hotel Code (3 Letters)

Block Code (3 Letters=MARSHA)

Rate Program + Market code

Market Main group

Rate Program + Market code

Market Code

KDATE (today +350-355 - Rolling dates)

Start Date / Sell Date for total Inventory

SOTHR field

Remarks or Notice Field

Confirmation Number

CRS Number

Company Address booked w/Negotiated Rate Program

Company Profile

Client File

Guest Profile w/CST#


Check in

Guest Accounting

Check out

House Count/VRW w/ Inventory Recap

Room Availability

Guarantee Types

Reservation Type

Company Address booked w/non- negotiated rate

Source Profile