TRACK IT Application Setting

Group.  General

Type.  Function

Application.  PMS

Description.  Activate The Track It Functionality

Property Determination. Track It is an Opera application for monitoring and tracking guest luggage, parcel, and lost item receipt, storage, and delivery; Track It also supports valet operations with features for tracking and managing parking activities and vehicle logistics. Track It is fully configurable to conform to property requirements and business processes.

Several Track It groups are recognized by Opera — Parcel, Baggage, Lost, and Valet. This differentiation is made because of the slightly different tracking requirements when handling these categories.

Messages can be automatically generated to notify guests when a specific type of item has been attached to their reservation. For example, if a UPS parcel was delivered for the guest, a message saying "Please call the Front Desk for room delivery of a UPS parcel."

The Track It Dashboard provides a comprehensive management overview of Parcel, Baggage, Lost and Valet related activities. Besides a full complement of search features, the Track It Dashboard allows you to create new Track It item records, associate/detach ticket numbers from reservations, access and edit reservation details, view a log of Track It activity, review the property calendar of events,  and prepare reports.

For valet tickets, a unique ticket number is assigned to each vehicle. Additional information such as type (e.g., Day Parking, Hourly Parking, or Overnight Parking), location (e.g., North Lot, Garage Row 3, or Porte Cochère), action to be taken (e.g., Park, Refuel, Retrieve, or Wash), and a text description (e.g., silver Town Car) may also be associated with the Valet Track It item.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Y- Yes

N- No

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Miscellaneous>Track It

Configuration>Setup>Track It

Reservations>Options>Track It

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