REVENUE POOLING Application Setting

Group.  Ownership

Type.  Function

Application.  OVOS

Description. Activate Revenue Pooling. Revenue Pooling functionality allows for the collection of revenue into a pool account(s) which are then distributed to participating owners at the end of the period.


Property Determination. With the activation of this application function, an ownership property adds the functionality where the owners of condominium rental units split the revenue and fees with owners in the pool based on the points/rating defined on their contracts.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 

Available when the OPV_<version number> Opera Vacation Ownership license is active.

Available Values.

Y- Yes

N- No

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.

Following application settings are displayed when the Ownership>Revenue Pooling application function is set to Y:

Ownership>Reserve Accounting

Ownership>Hold AR Revenue

Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.

Ownership>Revenue Pools, Ownership>Reserve Accounts

Ownership>New Contract, Ownership>Update Contract

Configuration>Cashiering>Codes>Transaction Codes

Configuration>Ownership>Unit Elements

Configuration>Ownership>Revenue Pools

Configuration>Ownership>Period Definition>Year

Configuration>Ownership>Period Definition>Period


Reports & Report Forms.




Other Areas.