Group.  Blocks

Type.  Setting

Application.  S&C

Description.  Turn a booking into ACTUAL upon Booking arrival/ Booking departure.

Property Determination. This parameter controls when the business block status is automatically changed to a status of ACTUAL. It can be set to the arrival date of the booking, the departure date of the booking, or not used. When Not Used is selected, the booking will NOT be automatically updated to ACTUAL status, users will have to change the booking status manually.

For properties with an active PMS license, but no active S&C license, this setting is not visible and the bookings will be turned to definite on arrival. If PMS is active, bookings will be turned to ACTUAL if the end of day procedure Allotment Cutoff (pms_grgrid.night_allotment_cutoff) is active. In an S&C only property bookings will be turned to ACTUAL if the S&C Background Process ‘Turning Bookings Into Actuals’ is Active.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

ARRIVAL (Bookings will be turned to ACTUAL on the booking arrival date.)

DEPARTURE (Bookings will be turned to ACTUAL on the booking departure date.)

NOTUSED (Bookings will not be turned to ACTUAL.)

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