Using Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a set of OPERA S&C features designed especially to assist Sales Managers who work with outbound sales organizations. These individuals may routinely perform their jobs "on the road," handling sales efforts for multiple hotels or regional markets. SFA features allow Sales Managers to remotely view and work with OPERA S&C database information, to access Accounts, and to develop Business Blocks which can be sent as leads to selected Hotels. Specific SFA features include:

Potentials. Sales Managers can create "Sales Potentials," estimates of business expected to be generated by a client. The Potential is then used as the basis for organized follow-up and comparison of forecast and actual sales figures.

F&B Meeting Agenda. The F&B Meeting Agenda enables Sales Managers to capture the basic features of planned F&B and meeting events associated with Business Blocks being distributed as leads.

Lead Sending and Replying. Communication between Hotel or Regional Sales Office concerning potential business takes the form of leads, which are distributed and tracked using a formal procedure.

When working with the SFA features, these considerations are important to remember:

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