Welcome to OPERA Quality Management System (QMS)

The OPERA Quality Management System (QMS) is part of the OPERA enterprise system of property applications from MICROS Systems. OPERA QMS provides your property with tools to improve guest services, guest loyalty, and guest retention. It is a task/complaint management and communication system designed to assist the property in maintaining the superiority of its products; guest rooms, public areas and guest services. OPERA QMS is available through the OPP_QMGS PMS add-on license.

Management and Communication Benefits

QMS Highlights

Some of the highlights of OPERA QMS include the following.

Starting Up QMS

You can open the OPERA program either through a desktop icon or your Start menu. The OPERA main page appears with a login dialog box.

Enter the correct information, using the Tab key to navigate through the fields.

User. Required. Enter your User ID as given to you by your system administrator.

Password. Required. Enter your password as given to you by your system administrator.

Property. Required. Select the down arrow to choose the property to which you want to log in.

Login. Select Login to enter the OPERA Master page and begin using OPERA.

Exit. Ends the OPERA sessions and exits the application. You are returned to your previous working application.