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Table of Contents

<Default ? Font>SALT Overview
Understanding <Default ? Font>SALT
Understanding SALT Web Services
What Are Web Services?
Why Use <Default ? Font>SALT?
REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Support
<Default ? Font>SALT Release History
Release 1.1
Release 2.0
Release 10g R3 (10.3)
Release 11g R1 (
Release 11g R1 (
Release 11g R1 (
Release 12c R1 (12.1.1)
Release 12c R2 (12.1.3)
<Default ? Font>SALT Components
<Default ? Font>SALT Gateway (GWWS)
WSDL Assistant Utilities
<Default ? Font>SALT Use Cases
Use Case 1: Exposing Native Oracle Tuxedo Services as Web Services
Use Case 2: Invoking Web Services from Oracle Tuxedo Applications
Use Case 3: Connecting Oracle Tuxedo Domains Using SOAP Protocol
Use Case 4: SAML Single Sign-On
Configuring Web Services with <Default ? Font>SALT
Invoking Oracle Tuxedo Services Using Web Service Client Toolkits
Invoking Web Services Using Oracle Tuxedo Programming Interfaces
<Default ? Font>SALT Supported Standards
SOAP Standards
Single Sign-On Standards
What’s Next?

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