5 Secure Deployment Checklist

The following security checklist provides guidelines to help you secure Oracle Communications Delegated Administrator and its components.

Secure Deployment Checklist

  • Install only the components you require.

  • Lock and expire default user accounts.

  • Use a strong LDAP password policy for user authentication.

  • Restrict, control, and revisit user privileges:

    • Grant only the necessary privileges to each user.

    • Revoke unnecessary privileges from the PUBLIC user group.

    • Restrict permissions on run-time facilities.

  • Enforce the use of access controls by using the Authorization Policies.

  • Require clients to authenticate.

  • Restrict network access by doing the following:

    • Use firewalls.

    • Never leave an unnecessary hole in a firewall.

    • Password-protect the Oracle listener against remote access.

    • Monitor listener activity.

    • Monitor who accesses your systems.

    • Restrict system access by IP addresses.

    • Encrypt network traffic.

  • Apply all security patches and workarounds.

  • Encrypt sensitive information.

  • Contact Oracle Security Products if you discover a vulnerability in any Oracle product.