Scheduling SQL Scripts using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager allows Database Administrators to define jobs. The job definition defines the master script invocation as a script file using a full file path.

You can decide whether the job should be run on a schedule or on demand. You can also monitor the running of the job in the application.

To schedule jobs in Oracle Enterprise Manager:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Enterprise Manager using your Oracle Database account.

  2. In the Job Activity section, click Jobs. The Job Creation page opens.

  3. In the Create Job drop-down list, select SQL Script and click Go. This opens the Create Job page where you can define the new job.

  4. In the General tab, enter the following details:

    1. Name

    2. Description

    3. Target Database: Provide the target database where the job will run.

  5. In the Parameters tab, provide the full path name of the cleanup script and master script in the SQL Script section.

  6. In the Credentials tab, provide the credentials for the following:

    • Database Host Credential

    • Database Credentials

  7. In the Schedule tab, define the schedule of the job.

  8. In the Access tab, you can set up email notifications based on the job status.

  9. Click Submit to create the job.