PGX 1.2.0

Electric Network Graph Model

The chosen model to represent the electricity distribution network consists on an undirected graph which nodes can be of three kinds:

  1. Device nodes: This nodes nodes represent physical devices on the network. Turbines, generators and electric transformers are examples of the objects represented by this kind of node.

  2. Connection nodes: This nodes represent the direct interaction (connection) among device nodes. For example, to model a turbine connected to a generator the model should include a device node that represents each of them and a connection node that serves as bridge among them.

  3. Switch nodes: Switch nodes are a special kind of device nodes. They represent physical switches in the network which can be set to an open or closed configuration. Switch nodes govern how the electricity flows in to the network. If a switch node is open then it WILL NOT ALLOW the flow of electricity through it. Only a closed switch WILL ALLOW the flow of electricity through it.


Reachable nodes from source (green) on the electric network model.

The figure above shows a graphical representation of this model. There, device nodes are represented as squares, connection nodes as triangles and switch nodes as circles. A red interrupter attached to a switch node denotes that such switch node is open, if the interrupter is green then the switch node is closed. Also, green nodes represent those nodes that are reachable from the source on top. To get the nodes that are reachable from an arbitrarily selected source node, a Breadth First Search can be performed from it. By restricting the BFS traversal to not pass through the open nodes, the reachable nodes are obtained.

Dataset description

The dataset for this exercise is provided in three CSV files with several fields of different types:

NodeData-8500.csv This file contains information regarding device nodes

  • Node ID (long)
  • Nickname (string)
  • Latitude (double)
  • Longitude (double)
  • Node Parent (long)
  • Base Volts (double)
  • Base Current (double)
  • Base Power (double)
  • Configuration (string)
  • RemoteControlAvailable (boolean)
  • SegmentId (string)
  • Upstream Connection (string)
  • Downstream Connection (string)
  • Phase (string)
  • Nominal Feeder (long)

ConnectData-8500.csv This file contains information regarding connection nodes, each connection can connect up to 8 devices. In this file all of the edges of the graph are encoded.

  • Connect ID (long)
  • Node A (long)
  • Node B (long)
  • Node C (long)
  • Node D (long)
  • Node E (long)
  • Node F (long)
  • Node G (long)
  • Node H (long)

SwitchConfig-8500.csv This file contains information regarding the configuration of device nodes that serve as switches.

  • Configuration (string)
  • Normal Position (string)